Black Iris MTS

Black Iris Marine Technical Services: Your Trusted Partner in Maritime Risk Management

Welcome to Black Iris Marine Technical Services, a leading Limited Liability Company established in January 2016 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Our dedicated team operates 24/7 to provide specialized services to clients within the global Maritime Community.

At Black Iris MTS, we harness the expertise of highly qualified professionals, including surveyors, loss adjusters, and claims managers, ensuring the delivery of top-notch services to our clients.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes Claims Management, Loss Adjusting, Third-Party Administration (TPA), and Risk Consultancy, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the maritime industry.

With a strong global network of partners strategically positioned worldwide, We guarantee the deployment of the most qualified experts to handle maritime cases regardless of geographical location. This ensures our clients benefit from localized expertise combined with a global perspective for effective resolution and risk management.

Our Services

Enhances traditional naval architecture and marine engineering practices through the integration of Digital Twin and AI technologies

We compile operational data from ships, enhance it with relevant industrial data sources, and apply contemporary algorithms to provide the most precise analysis for performance monitoring, emission analytics, and energy efficiency optimization.

Adjustments of the models on ship design data

Numerical naval architecture and marine engineering methods compliance

Advanced accuracy with regression models and modern algorithms